We Thrive on the Complex, and for some, the Impossible

Custom Software & System Development

Turning Ideas into Solutions with a High-Impact Team of Technology and Business App Builders and Problem Solvers

What We Do

B2B & Enterprise Applications

Sometimes there just isn’t anything “off the shelf” that fits your organization well enough. Sometimes you just wish this system and that system could work with each other. We’ve plugged a lottery system into a convenience store chain POS system to allow selling and cashing lottery tickets from the cash registers. Until somebody asked us, “Do you think it would be possible to…..?”, nobody knew.

Consumer & Industrial Mobile / Web Apps

Whether for consumer or B2B objectives, mobile apps are today's powerhouses. We can design and craft a new e-commerce app for you, or implement a mobile tool that can be used to allow your team to work smarter and more efficiently.

Lottery & Gaming Systems

Our team has decades of experience utilizing the latest technologies to improve every aspect of lottery and gaming organizations. From the gaming engines, to the distributed networks of selling points to consumer interfaces, to the back-of-the-house operations including warehousing and distribution of instant tickets, claims and payments, we’ve done it all.

The Rocket Farm Approach

We are a team of technology craftsmen that have decades of experience, and a very personal approach. Technology provides us with the tools… and we have the desire to create solutions for your organization that fit like a glove.  Do you know how it feels to walk into a room with a tailor-made suit?  That’s what we strive for.

We are flexible.
Rocket Farm can meet you on your own turf.  We are quick-on-our-feet, and uncomplicated.

We build trust.
We have seen the dramatic impact a trustful relationship can make on a project.  When trust is not developed, everything is painful, slow, and communication suffers making solutions sub-optimal.  We work hard from day one to establish a foundation for growing trust.

We’ve been around.
We take a mature, established approach to everything we do. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing there are decades of experience behind every Rocket Farm team member.  We’ve ridden every kind of wave, and we’re always hungry for the next one….

Portfolio of Experience

For over 30 years our team members have been building systems for businesses and operations across many industries, applying our technology skills, and business acumen to open up the road for growth and performance for our partners. Here are just a few of the areas where we have had lots of experience and success:

  • Distributed Transaction Processing, Control and Accounting Systems
  • Inventory Management, Distribution and Tracking
  • Accounting, Commissions, Invoicing/Billing, EFT
  • E-commerce, e-wallets, shopping cart, player account management
  • Digital Transformations of Management and Operations Systems
  • Barcoding and cryptology
  • Web-based Management Systems
  • Mobile Apps; Web Applications
  • Banking Interfaces (Visa, ACH, Blackhawk, DineroMail,…)

Lottery and related gaming specialized:

  • Gaming Engines’ Design and Development: lotto-style, pick, raffle, interactive
  • Secure Auto-Draw – Random Number Generator
  • Games Management Systems
  • Prize Claims and Payment, tax withholding, Accounts Payable, General Ledger interfaces
  • Promotions, Incentives, Rewards
  • Rapid-draw games (keno), and Interactive
  • Sports Betting
  • Second-chance games

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